How to use hyper links in one page (for mortals)

go down!

Here lies a simple way to add links to different parts of a page. I tried to explain it simply so even you mortals with limited intelligence still could understand it. You’re welcome.


Writing a story is hard

Several month ago, as i finished reading the last chapter of an interesting novel, i couldn’t help but to feel depressed. There was an invisible voice in my head saying:

(damn it! I want more! why does it have to end now? I wish i could find the author then chain him and make him write novels for enternety!)

The shape of the voice and a life with no plot

Hello there my imaginary friends! I hope you’ve been well (In these 2 past hours or so).

So, I watched “koe no katachi” tonight (meaning “a silent voice”).

A very well made anime with nice drama and touchable charecters (You should watch it).

Seeing such a life-like drama, i couldn’t help but compare the story with real life…